blackwork pomegranate infill

DSCF2666.JPGHaving carefully removed the tissue paper to reveal the tacking outline its then just a question of selecting the in-fill patterns.  I must admit that I usually start in the middle of a section to ensure that I get the whole pattern in.

The other thing to remember that no matter how complicated the pattern its made from lines on the horizontal and vertical.  Sometimes it helps to use a piece of graph paper to work out how the pattern is created but that might just be me.


Work the infill patterns before the outer edges of the design.  dscf2711


In Tudor times blackwork was often embellished with gold thread, beads or spangles.  For that reason I like to try to incorporate some highlighting element of gold.  In this case some of the leaves but having completed it I’m not so sure.

Once the in fill is completed with the outer edge in backstitch or stem stitch.  Use two threads of stranded cotton or perle a cotton.

I also realise that the images would look better if I’d ironed the fabric!


I think I will probably work the design again replacing the gold leaves with plain black ones. If I feel sufficiently enthusiastic I may try a third version using the gold for the upper leaves of the pomegranate.




About JuliaH

I teach history courses for the Workers' Educational Association as well as giving talks on various history topics across Yorkshire and the Midlands as well as talks about the history and creation of cross stitch samplers, blackwork embroidery and silhouette cutting.
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