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I teach history courses for the Workers' Educational Association as well as giving talks on various history topics across Yorkshire and the Midlands as well as talks about the history and creation of cross stitch samplers, blackwork embroidery and silhouette cutting.

blackwork pomegranate infill

Having carefully removed the tissue paper to reveal the tacking outline its then just a question of selecting the in-fill patterns.  I must admit that I usually start in the middle of a section to ensure that I get the … Continue reading

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Transferring a pattern using tacking stitches and tissue paper.

My mother used to have a folder full of blue transfer patterns that she’d collected over the years. Most of them were free gifts that came with the Needlewoman Magazine.  Some transfers even came with boxes of chocolate would you … Continue reading

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Blackwork embroidery – my starting point

I love blackwork embroidery.  It satisfies my desire for history, my love of pattern and my need to do something creative. Blackwork embroidery has been around for a very long time.  Chaucer mentions it in the Canterbury Tales but it … Continue reading

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